Our involvement mostly includes full architectural service but is tailored to our client's requirement. As part of an early upgrade to this site, a detailed indication of normal architectural and special services we provide will be attached.  For now, see the 'Our Services' section below.

Architectural practice in Tasmania is governed by the Architects Registration Board of Tasmania and the Building Act 2000. The responsibilities and ethical standards required by this board and the legislation is extended by the requirements and aims of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. We intend provision of services which fully comply with these, general business and national ethical standards.

Proprietor, Ian Johnson holds Tasmanian Compliance Corporation Unrestricted registration as an Architect and  Board of Architects of Tasmania registration. He is a practice member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects

An analysis of the various methods of charging will be attached to our site in the future. Charging is related to percentage complete of the various service stages (refer the Services section below.) For the most part, our clients prefer fees as a percentage of the normal cost of building. Alternatively some,  particularly of our long term clients and those requiring residual works find an hourly rate based charge more convenient. Rarely, lump sum charging is preferred.

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