Our commercial work involves many multi-residential developments and a considerable hospitality component. Hotel projects now exceed 80 in number and restaurant work approaches 40 with, additionally, many projects of associated types.

Our work also involves numerous offices for clients from local to multi-national and a variety of sizes. It involves professional offices, surgeries and laboratories along with some hospital and aged care work. We have produced a wide variety of industrial and many innovative storage buildings. Shops and display facilities, theatres, clubs, radio and television and community interest group works are strongly represented. We have designed institutional works from offices to prisons and educational facilities, specific purpose infrastructure buildings to military buildings.

We are often engaged to produce reports,  feasibility analyses and master planning for major developments. Our Historic Sites Survey Team has developed many and important conservation analysis and management plans. To do this we have often assembled powerful teams of consultants from a wide range of disciplines.

From small repairs and refurbishment, from analysis and facilities planning to new buildings varying widely in size we work with the widest variety of people. Their vision extends our own..
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