The JAID group has provided broad ranging design services for more than twenty years.

Johnson and Associates Architecture and Interior Design which commenced in 1985 provides full spectrum architectural services. It's primary office has remained in Hobart with a small presence in Sydney for roughly a decade. The Historic Sites Survey team commenced in 1988 charged with providing complete conservation analysis, planning and management. It has become a vehicle for management of multi-disciplined teams in wider fields. The JAID label started with clothing design but as it broadened to cover design interests in many areas beyond architecture, interiors and heritage it gradually became our broader face.

We are small and lean. Our project size tends to the small to medium range. The value of completed individual projects has ranged from the cost of a small item of clothing or joinery to something over $5,000,000. Our planning and master planning operations have dealt with considerably larger budgets.

Architectural project type has varied greatly providing us with the enormous pleasure and experience of activity in most theatres. Our work can be found throughout Tasmania, in Sydney, some country areas of NSW, the Australian Capital Territory and in Queensland.

We are engrossed in what we do. We are committed to developing in our work, its appropriateness, effectiveness, innovation and humanity.

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