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Stage Item Item Name Detail Archit's Client Client's Services
Cnsltnt Cnsltnt
N2 N201 CnsAutSA Consult with Authorities *
N2 N201 0.01 TitlReq Titles,Zoning,Legal Restrictions,other site requirements
N2 N202 SiteSlct Site Selection *
N2 N202 0.01 IdSites Identification of potential sites or site *
N2 N202 0.02 Investig On-Site Investtigations *
N2 N202 0.03 Traffic Movement Systems, traffic and parking studies *
N2 N202 0.04 TopoAnl Topographical Analysis *
N2 N202 0.05 AnlTitl Analysis of Title,zoning/other legal restrictions *
N2 N202 0.06 LabAvail Study of labour force availability *
N2 N202 0.07 MatAvail Study of material,equipment/labour availability *
N2 N202 0.08 CnstrMkt Study of construction market *
N2 N202 0.09 SiteEval Overall site analysis and evaluation *
N2 N202 0.10 Cmprtiv Comparative site studies *
N2 N203 SiteSurv Site Surveys
N2 N203 0.01 IDSrv Identification Survey, incl. easemnets/encroachments
N2 N203 0.02 SiteF Site features
N2 N203 0.03 Levls Levels and contours
N2 N203 0.04 BldCn Building configuration
N2 N203 0.05 BldOL Building outlines on adjoining sites
N2 N203 0.06 GeoTc Geotechnical survey *
N2 N203 0.07 LocMn Location of service mains
N2 N204 XbldSrv Existing Building Surveys *
N2 N204 0.01 Measr Measure existing building(s)
N2 N204 0.02 ChkSv Check Survey to establish accuracy of exist documents
N2 N204 0.03 Dwgs Preparation of measured drawings
N2 N204 0.04 Mats Analysis of materials and finishes
N2 N204 0.05 Dfcts Schedule of defects, deficiencies or non-compliance
N2 N204 0.06 Srvcs Location of services
N2 N204 0.07 Resch Documentary research into history and development
N2 N205 SiteAnal Site analysis *
N2 N205 0.01 LandUtl Land utilisation *
N2 N205 0.02 Structrs Structure placement *
N2 N205 0.03 FcltyDvl Facilities development *
N2 N205 0.04 Phasing Development phasing *
N2 N205 0.05 Circulat Movement systems, circulation and parking *
N2 N205 0.06 Services Site services *
N2 N205 0.07 Cnditions Surface and sub-surface conditions *
N2 N205 0.08 GeoTech Review of geotechnical survey *
N2 N205 0.09 Vegetn Vegetation *
N2 N205 0.10 Slope Slope analysis *
N2 N205 0.11 Ecolgcl Ecological studies   *
N2 N205 0.12 Lndscp Landscape forms and materials   *
N2 N206 OffSSrvc Detailed Off-site Services Studies *
N2 N206 0.01 CnfrmSrv Confirm location,size,adequacy of services *
N2 N206 0.02 SrvCnct Determine services connection requirements *
N2 N206 0.03 SrvPlnng Planning for site services, extensions & facilities *
N2 N206 0.04 SrvDes Design for off-site services, extensns & facilities *
N2 N207 EnvRprt Environmental Studies and Reports *
N2 N207 0.01 EnvReqs Determine legal req's for env. monitoring &/or EIS *
N2 N207 0.02 EcolStd Ecological studies *
N2 N207 0.03 Heritag Environmental and heritage assessments *
N2 N207 0.04 EIS Preparation of environmental impact statements *
N2 N207 0.05 MeetEnv Attendance at public meetings and hearings *
N2 N207 0.06 PrsntAut Presentations to Authorites *
N2 N208 RZneAppl Rezoning Applications *
N2 N208 0.01 PrpAppl Preparation of applications *
N2 N208 0.02 DevlpData Development of supporting data *
N2 N208 0.03 PrpPrsnt Preparatation of presentation materials *
N2 N208 0.04 MeetRez Attendance at public meetings and hearings *
N2 N220 ClntSite Client Contact - Site analysis related *