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Stage Item Item Name Detail Archit's Client Client's Services
Cnsltnt Cnsltnt
N3 N301 CnsAutSD Consultation with Authorities *
N3 N301 0.01 Statute Laws,statutes,codes & regs affecting development
N3 N302 SitMastr Preparation of site master plan
N3 N303   Architrl Architectural Design *
N3 N303 0.01 Cncpt Concept site and building plans
N3 N303 0.02 Elevs Preliminary Section and elevation development
N3 N303 0.03 Selct Preliminary selection of building materials and systems
N3 N303 0.04 Dimns Development of approx. dimensions, areas & volumes
N3 N303 0.05 Persp Perspective sketches
N3 N303 0.06 Cnslt Liaison with and coordination of consultants
N3 N303 0.07 Asses Consultant recommendation assessment
N3 N304 Structrl Structural Design
N3 N304 0.01 Rcmnd Recommendations re-basic struct material/systems
N3 N304 0.02 PrfdSys Preferred structural systems
N3 N304 0.03 Dims Approximate dimensions
N3 N305 Mechanic Mechanical Design *
N3 N305 0.01 NrgSrce Energy sources *
N3 N305 0.02 NrgCnsrv Energy conservation *
N3 N305 0.03 HeatVnt Heating and ventilation *
N3 N305 0.04 AirCon Airconditioning *
N3 N305 0.05 Movemnt Movement systems *
N3 N305 0.06 FireProt Fire protection *
N3 N305 0.07 SpecMec Special mechanical systems *
N3 N305 0.08 Process Process systems *
N3 N306 Hydraul Hydraulic design *
N3 N306 0.01 Water Water services *
N3 N306 0.02 Sanitry Sanitary plumbing *
N3 N306 0.03 RoofPlm Roof plumbing *
N3 N306 0.04 Draing Site drainage *
N3 N306 0.05 FireSrv Fire protection services *
N3 N307 Electric Electrical Design *
N3 N307 0.01 PwrSrv Power service and distribution *
N3 N307 0.02 Lighting Lighting *
N3 N307 0.03 Tphon Telephones *
N3 N307 0.04 FirDtct Fire detection and alarms *
N3 N307 0.05 Secure Security and control systems *
N3 N307 0.06 Elctrnc Electronic communications *
N3 N307 0.07 SpcElc Special electrical systems *
N3 N307 0.08 Lghtnng Lightening protection *
N3 N308 Civil Civil Design *
N3 N308 0.01 ErthWrk Earthworks *
N3 N308 0.02 WtrWrk Water works *
N3 N308 0.03 Drnage Drainage systems *
N3 N308 0.04 RdWrk Paving and roadworks *
N3 N309 Landscpe Landscape Design *
N3 N309 0.01 DesObj Design objectives *
N3 N309 0.02 EnvDtmnt Environmental determinants *
N3 N309 0.03 MatsL Materials *
N3 N309 0.04 LndFrm Land forms *
N3 N309 0.05 Plntngs Lawns and plantings *
N3 N309 0.06 Chrctr Site characteristics *
N3 N309 0.07 SysEqpt Systems and equipment including irrigation *
N3 N310 ProbCost Opinion of Probable Cost *
N3 N310 0.01 Liaise Liason/coord with cost/programming consult's or,
N3 N310 0.02 OpinCst Develop opinion of probable cost of construction
N3 N310 0.03 OpinPrg Develop opinion of probable program
N3 N311 CostSrvc Cost Consultants Services, provision of
N3 N311 0.01 StdMthd Services based on std. Method of measurement *
N3 N311 0.02 Elmntl Elemental costing *
N3 N311 0.03 CstCntrl Cost control analysis *
N3 N311 0.04 Variatn Assess, measure, value variations *
N3 N311 0.05 ProgClm Assess, measure, value progress payment claims *
N3 N311 0.06 Rise&F Assessment of 'rise & fall claims *
N3 N311 0.07 Ldngs Assessmentof site loadings claims *
N3 N312 PrelFeas Preliminary Economic Feasibility Study/Report
N3 N312 0.01 PrbCst Probable construction cost *
N3 N312 0.02 OthrCst Other project costs *
N3 N312 0.03 PrbIncm Probable project income *
N3 N312 0.04 PrbRtrn Probable return on investment *
N3 N313 Presntns Presentation of schematic design to:
N3 N313 0.01 PrsClntS Clent *
N3 N313 0.02 PrsBOS Building Owner
N3 N313 0.03 PrsSCS Staff Committee
N3 N313 0.04 PrsUGS User Groups
N3 N313 0.05 PrsFinS Financier
N3 N313 0.06 PrsOCS Owner's Consultants
N3 N314 DevApplc Development Application, consisting: *
N3 N314 0.01 PrepDoc Preparation of plans,elevs,sctns,elevs,showing
N3 N314 0.02 matclr Materials,finishes,schedules/colour
N3 N314 0.03 shadw Shadow diagrams
N3 N314 0.04 prvacy Privacy diagrams
N3 N314 0.05 EIStat Environment impact/effects statement
N3 N314 0.06 Lodge Lodgement of docs on client's behalf
N3 N314 0.07 ApplsS Appeals
N3 N320 ClntSchD Client Contact-Schematic Design related *