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Stage Item Item Name Detail Archit's Client Client's Services
Cnsltnt Cnsltnt
N5 N501 CnsAutCD Consultation with Authorities *
N5 N501 0.01 StatCD Laws, statutes,codes and regs affecting project
N5 N502 ArchtDoc Architectural Documentation *
N5 N502 0.01 Workng Working drawings and details
N5 N502 0.02 Spec Specification
N5 N502 0.03 Cnslt Coordination of Secondary Consultants
N5 N502 0.04 Quant Bills of Quantities, liaison with QS
N5 N503 Structrl Structural Documentation *
N5 N503 0.01 SCalc Final structural engineering calculations
N5 N503 0.02 SDrwgs Drawings
N5 N503 0.03 Sspec Specifications and schedules
N5 N503 0.04 SOthrD Other documents as agreed
N5 N504 Mechanic Mechanical Documentation *
N5 N504 0.01 MCalc Final mechanical engineering calculations
N5 N504 0.02 MDrwgs Drawings
N5 N504 0.03 Mspec Specifications and schedules
N5 N504 0.04 MOthrD Other documents as agreed
N5 N505 Hydraul Hydraulic Documentation *
N5 N505 0.01 HCalc Final hydraulic engineering calculations
N5 N505 0.02 HDrwgs Drawings
N5 N505 0.03 Hspec Specifications and schedules
N5 N505 0.04 HOthrD Other documents as agreed *
N5 N506 Electrcl Electrical Documentation
N5 N506 0.01 ECalc Final hydraulic engineering calculations
N5 N506 0.02 EDrwgs Drawings
N5 N506 0.03 Espec Specifications and schedules
N5 N506 0.04 EOthrD Other documents as agreed
N5 N507 FireSrvc Fire Services *
N5 N507 0.01 FCalc Final hydraulic engineering calculations
N5 N507 0.02 FDrwgs Drawings
N5 N507 0.03 Fspec Specifications and schedules
N5 N507 0.04 FOthrD Other documents as agreed *
N5 N508 Trnsprtn Transportation/Lifts *
N5 N508 0.01 TCalc Final hydraulic engineering calculations
N5 N508 0.02 TDrwgs Drawings
N5 N508 0.03 Tspec Specifications and schedules
N5 N508 0.04 TOthrD Other documents as agreed
N5 N509 Civil Civil Documentation *
N5 N509 0.01 CCalc Final hydraulic engineering calculations
N5 N509 0.02 CDrwgs Drawings
N5 N509 0.03 Cspec Specifications and schedules
N5 N509 0.04 COthrD Other documents as agreed
N5 N510 Landscap Landscape Design *
N5 N510 0.01 LDrwgs Drawings
N5 N510 0.02 Lspec Specifications and schedules
N5 N511 MatsRsch Special Materials Research (finalisation) *
N5 N512 TndrDocs Special Tender Documents/Scheduling *
N5 N512 0.01 OnTrade On trade contract packages
N5 N512 0.02 CmprtivC For comparative construction method/materials
N5 N512 0.03 OutSeq For out-of-sequence tendering of trade packages
N5 N513 ProbCost Opinion of Probable Cost and Program *
N5 N513 0.01 CstCoord Liaise/co-ord. Cost/program consultant
N5 N513 0.02 UDPcc Update probable construction cost
N5 N513 0.03 UDPcF Update probable cost figures (consultant supplied)
N5 N513 0.04 PrbPrjC Probable project program
N5 N514 CostSrvc Cost Consultant's Services *
N5 N514 0.01 StdMthD Services based on std. Method of measurement
N5 N514 0.02 ElmntlC Elemental costing
N5 N514 0.03 CstCntrC Cost control analysis
N5 N514 0.04 VariatnC Assess, measure, value variations
N5 N514 0.05 ProgClmC Assess, measure, value progress payment claims
N5 N514 0.06 Rise&FC Assessment of 'rise & fall claims
N5 N514 0.07 LdngsC Assessmentof site loadings claims
N5 N515 BldgAppl Building Application
N5 N515 0.01 PrpDBA Preparation of documents for lodgement
N5 N515 0.02 LodgeBA Lodgement of documents on behalf of client
N5 N515 0.03 ApplsBA Appeals
N5 N520 ClntCDoc Client Contact - Contract Documentation related *