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Stage Item Item Name Detail Archit's Client Client's Services
Cnsltnt Cnsltnt
N8 N801 Maintenc Maintenance and Equipment Operation
N801 0.01 PrpMan Prepare maintenance manuals for bldgs & plant
N801 0.02 SrvAgr Advice regarding service agreements
N801 0.03 MntPrg Advice re building fabric maintenance programs
N8 N802 StartUp Training personel and start-up assistance
N8 N803 AsCnsDwg As Constructed Drawings
N803 0.01 DrwgAC Provision of drawings showing significant changes
N803 0.02 FireDwg Provision of drawings in Fire Control Room
N8 N804 Warranty Review Warranties and Guarantees
N804 0.01 W&Gadv Advice arising from failure of material or equipment
N8 N805 Defects Defects Liability Period *
N805 0.01 DLinsp Carry out D.Liability period inspection, prepare list
N805 0.02 DLClient Client to keep a list of defects
N8 N806 FinCert Final Certificate- Issuance *
N8 N820 ClntPost Client Contact - Post-Construction related *