Strahan Duckies
Strahan Duckies
Strahan Duckies
THOUGHT This should become (if we ever get around to making the time) a repository of various threads with which we have an interest. Its basis will be in our critical comment and observations in quite a broad range of areas as has been distributed widely enough, it will be a matter also of finding it. Comments are not intended to reflect upon any other organisation acknowledged and are not necessarily the opinion of Johnson and Associates Architecture and Interior Design as a whole or of its employees and contractors.
BIM (A matter of starting somewhere-not very appetising. Building Information Modelling)
PLANNING FREE (The state of planning is scandalous and does not need to be)
Us, we in overview
What a great and inspiring bunch
Some examples of what we do
Architectural Services and Scope of Works
The challenge resolving medium
Hardware & Software used in doing what we do
What we wish to achieve
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Debate, Thoughts, Yarns, People, Place and Everything Else
Practice and Practice Environment
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