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Main Stair
Salamanca Arts Centre
Salamanca Place, Hobart

A large steel glass and timber stair running 3 levels within this Arts Centre located in a group of 1830's sandstone warehouses
Ian Johnson and then Johnson and Associates Architecture and Interior Design were the Salamanca Arts Centre Architects for more than a decade from around 1982 producing in that time many projects from masterplanning through both minor and major alterations and additions to protective works. Ian Johnson had been involved since the later mid-1970's in various groups interested in developing an arts community based in this building. It has endured and seen the area around it grow to be one of the most popular areas in Tasmania. The Salamanca Markets, held on Saturdays which it's antecedents developed and which it ran for many years is the most popular attraction in Tasmania.
During Construction
The Long Gallery
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Peacock Theatre